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Kansas is  back!!!

This is Shannah Franklin, she is the new Kansas Society State President. 

Shannah Franklin has been a part of the healthcare community for 10 years. She became a Medical Assistant in 2014. Shannah has worked in a wide variety of specialties and she has an amazing love for pediatrics. For the last three years she has been sharing her knowledge of medical assisting with the students in the medical assisting program at Wellspring School of Allied Health in Wichita, KS where she manages the Medical Assisting program.

When Shannah first began to work with Wellspring School of Allied Health she was credentialed through American Medical Technologist (AMT). She wanted to be credentialed through the same entity that her students would be credentialed. So Shannah made the decision to apply for the AAMA pilot program to get credentialed through AAMA. In 2021 Shannah sat for the AAMA certification exam and became a new CMA! After that accomplishment she began to attend state meeting in Missouri and the national annual conferences. Shannah's love for the AAMA grew with every meeting she attended! That's when she began inquiring about how to get the Kansas State Society for AAMA active again. 

Shannah's drive and passion made her dream of having a state society once again a reality! 

Shannah Franklin is the Kansas Society State President and she has the amazing opportunity of attending her first delegates meeting and representing her state last year in 2022! 

2022 National Annual AAMA Conference

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